Yanmar 186D (1985/86)

  • This was my Granddad\'s tractor, he bought it new. Now it is my Dad\'s, it has been his for about 10 years.
    About 2 years ago he was considering buying a new one, but instead of spending so much money, I convinced him to just \"restore\" his. Not meaning apperance, just new seals, radiator, thermostat, muffler, etc. New tires. Basically if it was mechanical and worn, it got replaced.

    Still looks old, but runs like new.

    His attachments on the other hand... not so much. KingKutter 48\" finishing mower that is 25+ years old. And a rotary cutter that is the same age as the tractor.
    Had an auger years ago, but I have no idea what happened to it. It has been years.

    One day it will be my tractor. I will probably set about trying to restore it further.|

    I really don\'t know anything about the specs of the tractor, but dad claims to have the book for it somewhere and is looking for it.


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