• I bought this tractor from a iron and metal salvage yard. I drove past it for three months wishing I could buy it. Then one day I saw an add that said the owner died and the whole yard was for sale. I rushed to buy it and as luck would have it, it was the only one no one wanted because it was and AC and there were no AC dealers in Western Washington. I bought the tractor and hauled it home. I messed around with it cleaning the carb and tank and looking at it for about a month. Then I decided to pour some gas in it and put a new battery on it. After a few cranks and chokes it fired back to life. Blew soot, dirt, rust, mouse and bird nests 20 feet in the air. Since then I have taken the hood, grill and tank off to repaint them. I'm nearly ready to re-install them, and fire it back up. One of the front tires has the name Wilson written on it in yellow paint marker. So I figured it must be the tractor's name.


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