Tym t700

  • I have owened this TYM T700 for 2 growing seasons now and absolutely love the tractor. We farm about 160 acres intensively with vegetables. I just happened to run across this fourm and saw that a few people were wondering about the TYM and if it was a good tractor. My friend's father just bought a T603 with the cat motor. The T700 that I have has a 3cylinder diesel john Deere motor. The only drawback it has is that it has very poor top end power. We drive alot on the back roads so that's how I notice the loss of power, but the low end touque makes up for it. The best feature about the tractor for our needs is the 540/1000 pto in cab lever. No more pulling out and putting in a different shaft. The loader is extremely strong. Lifted and entire 30'x200' haygrove greenhouse(In pieces in a steel bin), about 2500lbs, with ease. Well, I did have about 1000lb roterra on the back. I ran a 15" batwing brushhog with it. Had some difficulty in the high stuff but then again it's a 100hp rated machine. All in all, I put the tractor to the test and have no complaints except for the top end torque.


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