• Purchased a used Yanmar YM 180 in October 2010 (not sure of age but seems to be in fairly good condition) I’ve been tending 1/2 acre garden for the past 15 years and until this past year used a rear tine tiller and tended garden by hand but getting to old to manage that (68 years old), went blind about 5 years ago but refuse to give up gardening. Have had limited use of the tractor as I need equipment but a friend has generously let me use some of his equipment. Looking for used implements to fit the tractor need a 4’ tiller, 12 or 14 inch bottom turn plow, single or double disc, a set of cultivators and single middle buster, need to find used equipment as can not afford new implements if anyone know of any of these implements in fairly good condition in the North East Florida or south East Georgia please send me an e-mail it would be greatly appreciated.



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