• I got this Massey Feruson 14 off of a friend for free, believe it or not! I was at his house one day and while he was giving my dad and I a tour of his yard/gardens, I saw this tractor sitting in some bushes and brush. I pointed it out and thats when he asked me if I wanted it. He said it did run, but began giving him some problems with electricals and stuff. It had been sitting for 2-3 years outside. At the time, I was just starting my Power Mechanics course in High School and wanted to get a small engine to rebuild - this was a perfect opporunity. So anyway I finally got the tractor home, pulled the motor, and brought it into school to begin the rebuild. I am now down to pretty much just a block. The cam in the Kohler had two cracks going down it toward the cam gear. The cam journal also had a small chunck taken out of it. Other than those things, the motor is in nice shape. So, if anyone can give me some information on these Massey Ferguson 14's, I would greatly appreciate it..


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