Tejas Mower

  • Hello guys and gals, first post, I live North of San Antonio Texas and my name is Nathan.
    Before moving to Texas, i lived in SC/NC for a decade and had an ol' Craftsman tractor (it was an entry model and no idea the model number). Anyways, I sold it before moving to Texas, due to the small yard I had for our home. So for almost a decade I tooled around with my little cub-cadet self-propelled mover.

    A few years ago, we deceided to move out of the city to a smaller town, where we could get a larger lot (almost 1-acre)... and a larger garage. [​IMG]
    We had hired someone to tend to the mowing... so my CC mower was stored in my shed. So about 3 weeks ago and my wife and I were talking about landscaping the yard and she said "HEY how come you have not bought a new tractor?" Now after viewing reviews, prices, etc., yesterday I bought another Craftsman, it was on sale (sort of), and I bought a bunch of attachments too and most it arrives this Saturday!

    I bought the Craftsman Professional 28 hp 54'' Professional Tractor, C-P broadcast spreader, C-P 40" rear dethatcher & an Agri-Fab 40" curved blade aerator.

    I cannot wait to get her. I am already modifying my shed (larger door and ramp) - stopped by Lowes to get lumber and hardware.
    It will be a fun time and thanks for letting me post here!

    I will post up the actual tractor, once I receive it and get her running.


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