• Hi All,
    Pretty new to this. Hopefully, there won\'t be a snowfall that I can\'t handle...and to think...I have a typical residential driveway, except for living on a 4 lane...the state keeps me busy with slush out front.
    Presently, I have 5 tractors...2 Bolens 1600, 1 Case 646, 1 MTD 900 series/manual and 1 Deere 110 (1966 w/round fenders, to be restored...someday(?). My neighbors are considering an intervention!
    The Bolens has been one of my biggest projects to date. It\'s a stock 1600 tractor without hydraulic lift. I tapped into an auxiliary output on the Eaton hydro pump, added a \"Brand\" 4 position w/float, joystick (fabricate/weld up a mounting plate) then cut two mounting plates for the front to attach a John Deere hydraulic plow...which I discovered was a home built (with, badly, leaking cylinders). Talk about having to adapt? Everything works fine, except the flow rate of the fluid is too much and the blade adjustment is, scary, hast. Right now, I\'m gating the flow with a ball valve on the return side of the joystick. Took, far too much time, just for power angle...but I like it! Yesterday, that *** plastic gear on the Briggs starter, stripped...again...when the engine wouldn\'t start right away...10 degrees outside...go figger!
    More details on the tractors, later...
    Looking forward to participating on this site.


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