Sears SS16-Hoping a diamond in the rough

  • My neighbor has a small utility tractor that I've admired for years. He's told me his son wants it when he passes away. So I decided to find one for myself. Taking a walk last week, I passed a trailer with a tiny tractor, snow plow, garden plow and mower deck. Person had sign on it for $350.00. I couldn't get my phone out fast enough to call him. Well, being a woman who knows nothing about tractors, except that I wanted one, I took my coworker to look at it with me.

    He said the attachments were worth at least what I would be paying at $300.00. I purchased it on the spot. They delivered it to my home. I have no idea if it runs or not. No battery.

    Husband and I purchased the battery, a key, carb cleaner, etc. The oil is black, so I need to change that then will fire her up. (It is a "she")

    She needs a new harvest gold paint job, which I'll do.
    Want to take a small engine repair class so I can do maintenance on her myself. Missed the signup for it, Started January 18th nearby.

    I also purchased an instruction manual for this, as Sears no longer carries it. Excited to see how to start her up and run her and do the oil change. Yes, I'm a greenie. But willing to learn.

    I'll post photos when I get a chance. She's not looking too pretty but I have a good feeling that she's a work horse. Like me.


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