Retired 520 John Deere

  • This is a joint project owned by my wifes dad. I repainted it 25 years ago & rewired it. It had lots of use till about 10 years ago when he decided to replace the broken manifold, repair the power steering, and put in a new radiator. When he got done it had a small miss that just kept getting worse. Then life got busy and it got shoved in a garage and forgotten. This past New Years Dad in Law retired & built a 40 x 80 heated and air conditioned shop. We have been very busy getting the shop equipped and finally got Big John in the shop. I pulled the head to find nothing bad, just the manifold leaking. I had the machine shop machine all the surfaces & do a valve job. There was absolutely no ridge in the cylinders. He said the guy who bought it new bored it out and did a complete overhaul in the mid 70\'s when he started showing it in parades. I just received all the gaskets & intend to put it all back together this week. The next project is clutch work & paint. I will get some pictures when I get time. My wifes Father passed away last year so we now own the 520. I have the wide front ready to reinstall.


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