Pat's First Tractor

  • This is the first tractor I\'ve ever owned. I bought it to maintain about a mile of road and work 60 acres of timberland. I\'ll be turning this timberland into a farm, bit by bit.

    I wanted an old Ford or Massey Ferguson and had a budget of $6,000. The first tractor I looked at was a Ford 2000 and it looked to be in pretty good condition except the PTO wouldn\'t engage correctly. After checking around, the general consensus was the tractor needed a new clutch. Not having much mechanical experience with cars and absolutely NONE with tractors, I was worried that I\'d blow my entire budget and then have something that needed a lot of additional repairs. ($$$)

    My wife suggested I finance a new tractor. I also have two friends who have a LOT of mechanical knowledge and experience with tractors and they both recommended I finance a new tractor because at 50 years old, it\'ll probably be the only tractor I ever need to buy. I just hope they\'re right. :)

    So far I\'ve been enjoying the tractor and have used the box blade to grade my roads some and the bush hog to clear out undergrowth. I just bought a 3 point attachment to haul my trailers around on the property. My next project is to add a canopy (found some awesome canopies cheap on CL) and weld a piece of expanded metal on the back of my roll bar so I don\'t get my brains busted out if something comes flying out from under my bush hog.


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