Old Dependable

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    I purchased this tractor new in July of 1963. For several years I did row crop farming with it. Now mostly use it for bushhogging and pulling wagon.

    My problem is I need a new radiator, old one is beyond repair.

    The core size on my radiator is 15.25 inches wide and 18.75 inches high. Today's parts books are showing it takes radiator #186830M91 which has a core size of 15.125 wide and 17.125 high.

    I tried the above radiator on my tractor and it would not work! The brace on the hood of my tractor hits the top tank on the #186830M91 radiator. The top tank on my radiator is 21.75 inches from the bottom of the radiator.

    My tractor number is 233477, engine is Continental #Z134. Can anyone help me with the correct radiator part number for this tractor?




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