New (to me) Craftsman garden tractor

  • I just put this tractor on layaway till I can get it out of the shop in a couple of weeks. That hasn't stopped me from starting to get it ready for what I want to use it for though. It's mostly going to be used for lawn care and driveway plowing. I've found a front single tube bumper (NIB) and rear hitch plate (used) for it already. I'm still looking for a 3 bin hard bag bagger setup as well. Sears.com said that

    I also recently picked up a 48" Craftsman plow for it on craigslist. However, I've found out that the guy I got it from misled me on what is needed to mount it up [​IMG]. I'm missing the main parts of the long plow frame beams and attaching mounts that go under the tractor. Everything else in front of the tractor is there and in excellent shape. I'm looking for a source that will let me buy the missing parts without having to buy the entire kit.

    I want to make an enclosed cab for plowing after I get the plow installed. I'll need the plow in place first though so I can see where the levers will need to pass through the cab.


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