• This is my first post. I have three tractors. What started off as an attempt to get a decent tractor on a beer budget has turned into three tractors. I first bought this JD 111H for $180.00. It has a beat up hood and needs some TLC. I started to mow and the deck fell apart. It was rusted through. I removed the deck and decided I would make this a project. I then bought this Toro Wheel Horse for $550.00 from a farmer in Maryland. It cut grass OK but went into the shop with a starter solenoid after the second mow. While it was in the shop, the local JD dealer got this LA120 in. It had 147 hours on it and looked very well taken care of. Another $1200.00 later, I now have a garage full of tractors. I dove into the 111 today and have no idea what I am doing. It started up but quit after about two minutes. As I fired it up a mouse and baby jumped out of from somewhere in the vicinity of the engine compartment. I took the carb off of it and have it soaking in Carb cleaner. I unbolted the seat and am investigating how to tear it down in order to clean everything and repaint it. Anyone with experience that can help with this would be greatly appreciated. Anyway, than you for allowing me to be a part of this forum.


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