• Got this on Ebay about 6 years ago for $345.00. I had no knowledge of an MTD 990. I was just hyped about the 3 point hydrolic lift for that money. The seller screwed up the add so I was the only bidder. (lucky me) It needed nothing at the time however since I use it daily for just about everything I have done some repairs. Me and a neighbor seem to have this thing going about who has the best tractor. (that explains the hub caps) As for the seat - it's just alot more comfortable for the grass cutting and snow plowing. Everything on it works great. I painted it about 2 years ago. It was more of a yellowish orange color. I plan on making some more changes to update it just a little bit like an electric clutch on the pto drive and definately going to make a foot pedal for the drive instead of the hand lever. If you have any more suggestions just let me know. Thanks!

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