My 1st Bolens

  • This tractor was given to me by a friend who was frustrated with it, he said it would run fine until it got hot and then shut off.

    I took the sheetmetal off the engine and cleaned all the nesting material out of the cooling fins, degreased everything and reassembled it, started right up, left it idle in the driveway for about a half hour and all was good so I pulled in into the garage and parked it.

    A few days later I went to move it and it spun over real fast but would not start, did some checking and it had no compression, turns out the exhaust valve seat had fallen out.

    Swapped out the 15 HP Tecumseh for a 10 HP Wisconsin and it runs fine, I kept all the original parts and may swap in a larger engine if I come acroos one for the right price.


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