• I actually have two of these tractors and I\'m in the process of making one good tractor out of the two. The machine I\'m keeping is a 1962 model, pictured with the clapped out loader without canopy/roll bar. It\'s getting the nod because the engine on the 1963 (with the more modern loader with canopy) runs okay but is low on compression (a ton of hours I imagine), the internal 3-point hydraulics are shot and the torque converter is leaking like a sieve (don\'t want to break the tractor apart at this point to fix). The 1962 main machine is in the process of mechanical refurbishment and I\'m taking the loader from the other machine and attaching it to this one.
    So far I\'ve sealed up all the power steering leaks, put new front tie rod ends on the tie rods, new starter, alternator conversion and I\'m almost done rebuilding the hydraulics and rock shaft from the 3-point lift. This tractor also has PTO, which is missing on the other machine, a significant reason for it being the keeper. Another reason is that, even though the previous owner let this sit and go to hell, it had a recent rebuild on the motor, and from the high compression numbers I\'m reading, it was done with the high-altitude pistons, which I\'m hopeful will give me a little bump in the horsepower department.


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