Mark's G-14

  • Bought this old Tube frame recently at auction along with all the attachments. Been trying to get it running right. So far I have put a new starter solenoid, Battery, and Ignition switch in. At that point it would crank over but would only run while spraying carburetor cleaner in. From there I rebuilt the fuel pump and the carburetor. I had it running at that point but the exhaust didn\'t sound right so I tore back into it and the exhaust port was stripped out by a previous owner, the port was over sized by about 1/4\" and the valve stem was white. (running lean?) I now have the head off and have been cleaning the decades worth of congealed grass clippings and oil off of everything. While at it I determined that the cylider has been bored over 0.010\". Now I am in the process of reassembly and trying to identify and correct any problems now as I go along. Any technical info and suggestions or insight regarding this is appreciated.

    Edit as of May 2nd, I have reassembled and got this tractor running. I have since tried out the tiller, snow thrower, plow, and mower deck. All are working great. Now to figure out how the row cultivator attached...

    It does smoke at random different points. I\'m afraid I may need to tear it back down and get new piston rings in it. Time will tell!


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