Mahindra Junk

  • \'09 5525, nothing but problems. Only 275 hrs. Dealer had to \"replace\" the entire wiring harness, looks more like spliced. Dash panel gauges stick(2nd dash). On 3rd battery due to poor charging system. Fuel tank liner flaked off and clogged fuel lines(mahindra replaced the tank but did not pay to install). Paint started fading 1st year. Brake lights and plow light quit working(not the bulbs). Hitch bracket broke pulling seed buggy. Seat cracked 1st year. I had to replace the ignition wire AFTER the harness was replaced. I know their more expensive, but stick with the big 3(N.H., Case, JD). 2 reasons-availability of parts and number of knowledgeable mechanics. The warranty is only good if the manufacturer stands behind it, Mahindra does not.


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