Mahindra 3616 shuttle ROPS 4WD

  • Great Tractor very strong. Its normal driving weight with FEL and cutter is about 5000 lbs carried on 18ft double axle trailer. It is used in Tennessee on 42 acres of hill country for just about everything. Bought from Highland Rim Tractor new. I researched for about 2 years for this tractor and the research has paid off. It currently has about 30 hours. The only issues I have had so far was that the stock seat was not a suspension seat, so I added one which required me to fabricate a bracket to hold it. And with the FEL on, it is difficult to get to the fuel water filter.

    One of the things that frustrated me when I was researching tractors was that no one wants to give prices. In case you are looking, the entire package above (including 18ft trailer) minus the tire ballast, replacement suspension seat, and 3pt quick hitch was $21, 766.


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