• Hello I recently got a great deal on a used LT4000 Craftsman 42" I/C Gold 12.5hp Mower. Miss Lily Loves It! I can usually repair most things if I can find a few brains to pick. NOT TOO BAD FOR AN OLD LADY! My problem is the mower was running great and mowing just fine. Every now and then it would have a lull in cutting like the belt tensioner or something was not working correctly, then it stopped cutting and I could hear metal hitting something so I disengaged the blade. After I cleaned grass off deck I found a bracket or a piece of one (its laying on the hood in pic). I do not have an owners manual and really could use a deck schematic for this model or an owners manual. I EVEN THOUGHT OF TAKING A PIC OF PART AND FIGURING OUT HOW TO POST IT TO SEE IF SOMEONE MAY RECOGNIZE THE PART AND THE PROPER LOCATION AND LINKAGE FOR IT. I do not know if anything is missing. Would anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Rhonda


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