L'il Guy

  • Had excessive fuel consumption, suspected scored cylinders. Compression test right cyl.137 psi, left cyl. 146 psi, 9 lb spread, almost trouble. Single 5 ml friction modifier treatment according to instructions for small engines. After 4.3 hr. run time, compression recheck, right cyl. 155 psi, up by 18 psi, left cyl. 160 psi, up by 14 psi, more importantly spread was only 5 lb. Fuel consumption went from 14 liters to 5 liters mowing the same lawn. Yes, I did put the deck down and engage the blades, LOL. At the price of gas last year I was mowing the yard for $5.10 vs $15.30 that it used to cost me.

    There is no dirtier job for an air cooled low tech engine than powering a lawn mower and cylinders begin to score immediately with first use. The engine is designed to breathe air and that air is filled with dust and dirt churned up by mowing.

    Just my own experience......


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