• This is my first tractor. I bought it extremely well used----abused even a week ago. It starts right up, but needs a service. The oil is so black and sooty---it has probably not been changed in years. It has a leaking hydraulic line-----I need to replace at least one and probably two in short order. I need to replace all filters---and flush the radiator. Whew! But it seems to run well in spite of all that.

    I also have a problem with the throttle. It was maxing out at 1500 rpm...but after working on the linkage a bit it now goes up to about 2200---still a bit below where the PTO is supposed to be running. Not sure how to lick that---but working on it bit by bit.

    I downloaded all the online PDF files I could find, but still don't have an operator's manual---nor do I have any GOOD diagrams that show what each part actually is. I have the parts manual---but it is a bunch of numbers and no pictures.


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