• Here's my favorite tractor of all time (in it's "work clothes"), and my work horse, it just turned over 3200 original hours, and is still going VERY strong! IF all goes well, this winter it will get a complete "make-over" from top to bottom, and front to back, even though it doesn't need it. I just want to make it like the day it rolled off the assembly line. This has been the most dependable and hard working tractor I have ever had the pleasure to drive, or own, and I have TONS of spare parts to keep it going for years to come! As you can see it has a cab, FEL, and I also have duals and a 3 pt. backhoe for it, so there's not much I can't do with it!

    NOTE: I'm new to this, I guess I messed up the first posting, hopefully you can see the picture a little better now, if not please try clicking on the thumbnail to the upper left to see a larger picture. Sorry about that, I'm still learning the "ropes" on here. Thanks for looking.


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