John Deere 855

  • Bought her used @ 1430 hrs, works like a much larger tractor, really the only complaint I have is the hydro is a little on the weak side, this one did not have the mod instigated in 1991 to raise the 3 pt from 780 to 1014 and it cycles a little slow. Still need to do a full hydo fluid change but was going to wait till the 1500 mark. No leaks to speak of and it works like mule. Doesn\'t really like starting in cold weather (below 10 degree\'s) but plug it in and things are fine after about an hour or two. Great little tractor, love the fact that it is all steel and cast iron. For my first tractor I couldn\'t be happier really. Love getting out to play on it on the small acre we have. Bought it mainly for the snow blower but am finding many many more uses for it.


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