John Deere 70 I (Industrial)

  • With a project in mind I started searching for a non-running JD 60, 70 or 100 lawn tractor. Within an hour of placing ads on Des Moines & Kansas City CL, I had 3 calls. One of the callers I already knew, he had a complete & a 1/2 70 he\'d sell reasonable. The plan was to make my version of what a JD industrial lawn tractor might look like. Found a 12-1/2 HP Briggs engine from an MTD \"Yardman\" locally, including the frame. I cut the engine mount from the Yardman & welded it into the 70 frame, had to reduce the pulley sizes to clear the steering. Otherwise, used the JD parts. I couldn\'t find 8\" \"R4\" tires, but found some similar, used \"sawtooth\" on the front. Paint is JD \"Old Construction Yellow\". I use this little tractor for most of my towing jobs around the yard, including carts, sweeper & fertilizer spreading, plus for shows.


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