Jinma 254 2 stage clutch PTO stopped working fix ( graunched when clutch in )

  • For anyone that may have this issue I found this site that explains how to do the adjustment really clearly
    When I did it hear are a few tips that may help. 1 The adjuster has a lock nut on it which was hard to budge I used a open ended spanner and tapped it with a hammer to crack it. 2 when you adjust closing the gap activates the clutch e.g if you tighten fully its engaged full time so needs to be backed off. 3 The manual recommends 1mm gap but that engaged the clutch, the lever then went in but I couldn’t release it so PTO didn’t go. 4 To get the 3 adjusters the same I used a spark plug feeler gauge that was about 3 or 4mm. 5 I wanted to get the lock nut tight again so used a crescent on the open ended end of the spanner to get more pressure on it. 6 IN JOHNS PICTURES BE AWARE THERE ARE A SET OF ADJUSTERS FOR THE CLUTCH AND SEPERATE ONES FOR THE PTO I didn’t touch the clutch as that was fine.


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