• For my use this mower solved problems that a typical 'lawn tractor' presented.

    Solutions: Provided 4" turning radius, rear discharge or mulch (no more grass clippings in the flower beds) and most importantly, easy deck maintenance. The deck can be detached and lifted vertically in less than a minute. Makes deck cleaning and blade maintenance a breeze.

    The synchronized three blade system proved a problem for a number of years as I don't have anything near a sculpted lawn. The blades had a tendency of hitting uneven soil and protruding roots causing the shear pins in the blades to sever and virtually destroying the other blades when they went out of sync. (those things ain't cheap) I've resolved the issue with custom shear pins that aren't as thin as the original. I've also learned to adjust the deck height to compensate for the various conditions of my lawn.

    I love this thing and look forward to lawn maintenance every year.


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