Husky tractor

  • I have a 1225, which I saw run but when I went to load it, It wouldn’t start!!!
    This came with: Blade, Mower Deck, and Tiller.
    The same weekend I also bought two 1000s not running. with these came Blade, Mower Deck, and the real reason for this purchase was a Danco Front Loader.
    After I got the 1225 home and done some research, I figured out that the wiring was a mess—loose connections and the stator was not wired with a ground switch.
    When It wouldn’t start the seller found that it had lost spark. and knocked $100 off and I took it.
    I have a lot of experience the Lawn and Garden Industry. I am retired, and am loosing the use of my left leg because of nerve damage in the spinal cord. I am embarking on this project because I still have a lot of work to do in my yard and with the hydrostatic transmission controlled with the right foot I can still keep going.


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