Gray Streak

  • Hello folks,
    This is my second Craftsman tractor. The first was an older one(2000) bought from a private sale. Engine blew two years ago so the new one was purchased. Have had a number of annoying problems with both: control cables freezing, tires going flat and belt failures.
    Living in Maine the winters are rough but the blower does a fair job of getting the snow out of the driveway. Not so good if the snow is wet or slushy. Likes to clog the auger and discharge chute. As for mowing during the summer I do our tiny lawn over the septic field, my late Dad's home, about an acre and the corner neighbor's, roughly two 1/2 acres. Works wonders even on the tall stuff first thing in spring. Doesn't like the wet grass as it clogs also, but I've dealt with it so much that I don't worry as it usually clears itself.
    I joined to look at the home-made plow attachment made by another user. Like the idea as I have been pondering it as well. The blower leaves about a 1/4" of snow that freezes. So a blade will get down to the asphalt to minimize the buildup.
    Happy tractoring,


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