Glad I spent the money

  • This tractor does what I need it to do and more. It's got 44 gross HP, 35 DB/PTO HP. The 3720 is different from the other 3020's in that #1 it's got a turbo (diesels and turbos go together like moonshine and green Kool-Aid) unlike the 3120 and 3320, and #2 it's got an air-to-air intercooler, unlike the 3520. The only difference between the 3520 and my 3720 is the intercooler (I had to buy the parts books to figure that out).

    With a hydrostatic tranny, an air-ride seat, hydro-power steering, and a hard roof on the ROPs, this is as luxurious as it gets without a cab.

    Fuel... it SIPS fuel. I cannot believe how little fuel this thing uses. I've had Ford N's in the past, and was used to checking the fuel level every few hours. This thin, I have to watch myself because I'm no longer used to checking the fuel level because it doesn't seem to vary.

    There are just a couple of issues with this tractor. First, with an intercooler, hydrostatic tranny & steering and a turbo, it needs a LOT of cooling air. There's a white-plastic radiator guard that gets clogged with hay seeds & dandelion poof easily, and you have to watch the grill guard or the temp gauge because all that fine material gets by the grill mesh and clogs the guard, and you have to clean that plastic guard often. Second, the wheelbase is short, and the tractor can ride "choppy" at times. If you don't have any attachments on it (other than a 3-pt mower with its own wheels) you don't need tires with max air pressure. But, if you add attachments, you have to go up in tire air pressure.

    I'm a mechanical engineer, and when I was looking for a new compact tractor, I studies how they were all built. I've had Fords: 2N, 8N, 855 and 2000LCG (pre-English design). So, I was open-minded about the brand I was going to buy (I just don't think that Ford and NH has any real link). The Deere’s are just beefy designs. There're beefy castings everywhere. Plus, there's the whole Made In America" philosophy I have. No, my blood hasn't turned green (I still have the 2N). But, I respect the Deere’s for their designs and their manufacture location (the U S of A).

    Thanks for reading my post!!!

    Elma, NY


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