• This tractor is a second owner, The man bought it new in 9/15/71, It was used as a tractor to work a 2 acer garden and push snow up on the blue ridge parkway never saw the inside until about 10 years ago when he died and some of his kin wanted to get it running and fix it up because it was his, they fill it up whit ethanal and never got it running and pushed it in the garage where it set for 10 years, his wife decide to sell it when she saw one of my adds looking for old garden tractors, drove 90 miles each way and dint even try to haggle over the price $200 and a snow blade that had been outside since it was new, I have been restoring it for the last 2 months had to fill rusted fenders beat out dents but it's almost done hopefully this week,


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