Ford 5000 4x4 diesel

  • I own what I think is a Ford 5000 with the following serial numbers, etc. I would like to verify these numbers to identify the tractor completely.

    Serial number - A274322

    Mod - E10 15R

    Unit 5A23B

    I can identify the unit # 5A23B as a ford 5000, built Janauay 23 day shift.

    I can match the mod # to a 5000 (E), Agi All Purpose (10), diesel (1), 5 (PTO 540-100), but I can not find anything with the R at the end. I have found a chart that identifies the mod number with a "F" at the end for "4/4 T-C power reversing"?

    I can not find anything identifying a serial number that begins with an "A"?

    This is the link that I found most of my information on - FORD CODES and SERIAL NUMBERS

    Any advice or information would greatly be appreciated. Thank you


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