Ford 1953 Jubilee NAA

  • This is my first Farm Tractor. I did lots of summer-time repairs and restorations to it. Bought it for $3,500 with a heavy duty \"Superior\" front end loader. Previous owner(s) switched it over to 12 volt and did a notorious job. I don\'t even know why it ran. I re-did the whole 12 volt job. It had problems with starting and running. For 4 months I dealt with every issue to find the cause. Eventually found that the Distributor shaft was wobbling near the bottom / near the gear end. Erratic spark was preventing the engine from running good, especially at higher speeds. I didn\'t want to buy a whole new dist. so I put it in the lathe and bored out the bottom of the dist. body to hold a new brass bushing. I used one just like in the top. Now it \"purrs when the going gets tough\".
    It\'s a great little tractor and it looks so nice.


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