Jo Jo

First rider

  • I was trying to cut 2 acres with a push mower when my wonderful neighbor gave me this old LT1000 42 inch rider he had in his barn. His wife had been using it when the grass underneath caught on fire about a year prior. It had been in his barn since. I educated myself on sites like this and started replacing parts. One front tire had been melted, as were both belts and a plastic idler pully. I replaced those and a missing idler return spring from the deck. I broke the clutch cable and replaced that. The gas tank had a crack from way back so I replaced that. The steering was sloppy so I replaced the worn out shaft support. The bearings in one of the front wheels were worn out so I replaced those. I fixed a broken hinge on the plastic grill and added a steel front tube bumper. I added a deck wash port. I put in a new battery, changed the oil, oil/fuel/air filters and sharpened the blades. I cleaned up and painted all the rust spots. The old girl runs and cuts like new. My yard has never looked better.


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