• This is the sweetest of the bunch, been a good one. Came from the original owner who took excellent care and didn\'t use it much. Been here over 25 years and been called on to do a little of everything, just plain tuff. Now it\'s time for more than just maintenance.
    Been researching info here, to get power steering cylinder back right. Generator needs some attention. Might even get a new paint job, that blue is sure faded and missing spots.

    Not supposed to be a complete re-do/overhaul, but, the various little projects keep accumulating somehow. The new steering wheel and extra cushy seat are going to look nice along side the (future) bright blue paint and will feel better to human body parts, too.

    Now\'s prob the time to deal with the instrument panel. The light switch knob has a few cracks in it and those headlight could be a little brighter. Yep, that list keeps growing. But, after it\'s completed, I\'m looking forward to another 25 years, cause she\'s been a good one.


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