• This is the Sears Craftsman manual for the DYT-4000 lawn tractor.

    The Peerless 2000 Hydrostatic transmission drive needs to be serviced every 5-years even though there is nothing in this manual. The Club Cadet synthetic hydrostatic oil works the best since those use the same oil in the \"pump housing\" for the tranny. . The hydrostatic drive transmission uses 80w90 gear oil. If you go synthetic, the 75w90 can be used. There is a youtube video showing how to change this fluid. I would highly recommend flushing with Gunk Motor Flush or Seafoam in the tranmission. Do not flush the pump housing with either though, just use the Club Cadet sauce for flushing.

    I have since swapped out the B&S for a Kohler M18 Twin. It\'s rather easy to do since the frame accepts either engine. Just save the pulley from the B&S. The Kohler M engines come with a choke, great for late Fall or early Spring starting. The Kohler engine makes this tractor really beefy for power and punch.

    One downside to this tractor is the deck height adjustment bar, These typically bust in the hardest to reach or fix location below the steering column and battery tray. errr.

    The electric diagram is superb in the manual.

    I have kept the tires inflated to double the psi for about 8 years now with no issues. I\'d got tired of getting stuck in low spots with the rear wheels spinning. So, 20psi helps. It also helped by less lawn imprints and better fuel usage. A plus plus in my book.


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