• Was just given this tractor to me by my chief (FD) It had been in storage in his barn for the last four years. Front tires were flat, and dry rotted. Filled them with the JD sealer, which worked
    pretty well. (for now)

    I have nothing on this tractor. No wiring schematic, manual (owner or service), and have yet for the mower deck to be found. I have a snow blade, but have no idea on how to attach it to the tractor.

    I have no idea on how to be sure of the date of this machine. The only JD product ID # shown is MOOSTXD223644.

    I have managed to get it started, but not with the key. The key must be turned to the On position, but I have to short the solenoid under the seat to get it to start. I find that odd as the starter on this machine has its own solenoid on it, and even looks new.

    I am going to need a lot of help on this one. Everything looks as if someone has changed things from what they should be. I will include a pic when I can.


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