Dads reconditioned 1932 Gibson 300 D

  • My dads 1932 Gibson model 300 D that he had reconditioned about 3 years ago. Have another 300 D for parts. Will be selling all very soon to help pay medical bills for him. Smoking 60 years finally got to him and he has stage 4 lung cancer which means he is not long for this world. He put alot of time and money in this tractor and has not touched it since it was overhauled other than to clean it. It\'s been kept in his metal building covered for the last several years. I pulled it out today and checked all fluids, put fuel in it and it fired up on the 3rd pull. Let it run for only a minute or two but it ran like new.. If anyone knows the value of this tractor please let me know. I also have a second 300d for parts that will go with this one..
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