• We never asked Dad if he purchased this tractor new or if it was one year old, now it is to last to ask him. It worked in the field on our farm in ND up till about 1970 when we put a belly mower on it. After that is was used mostly to mow the yard till about 1998 when it was to weak to do much more. Went into storage until about 2014. I had retired and now had time enough to restore it. Completed restoration June of 2015, the engine got a complete restoration, had to replace the block as the back cylinder hole had nothing left to hod the o-ring. I had purchased a junker SC about 20 years prier and was able to selvage the block plus the rear transmission gears that operated the lift as these gears had broke in half during its hard life. I did the painting, not a perfect job but maybe as good as what the tractor originally had. My brother had overhauled the engine as a shop project while in High School back about 1958. The biggest mistake I made was that I didn\'t check my oil pump and the tractor has low oil pressure. I am now pulling the oil pan and will pull the pump and rebuild. This was a good tractor back on the farm in the 50\'s and 60\'s, hauled a lot of hay and did a lot of field work.
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