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  • Can someone please help. Transmission and PTO failure: Ford 1210 2WD 3 Cyl Dsl Hydrostatic used only seasonally once per week for mowing; purchased new in mid 80's. Suddenly, PTO started to slow down sharply under load, then forward or reverse motion of tractor almost nil in either High or Low shift ranges. Barely got into storage shed. Additional behaviour: PTO will spin again on condition that gearshift stays in neutral; i. e. as soon as you shift into either range with clutch still depressed, you now hear the PTO slowing down. And likewise, it seems that you can get a tiny bit of forward motion on the condition that the PTO lever is not engaged. (are the PTO and tractor transmission somehow competing for HST fluid?). One more orginal symptom(s): PTO lever difficult or impossible to engage without sound of gears grinding even with clutch engaged; have had to engage PTO lever before starting engine. Also, for maybe one season; very slight tendency for tractor to creep forward even with shift selector in neutral position.

    Thanks in advance.

    Saskatchewan, Canada


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