• This tractor was importednew to Iceland in 1934 andbought by a
    farmerin the northern part of the country. My father acquired it around
    the year 1950 and when I was a boy in the fifties it was used for mowing on the
    farm where we lived. The last time it moved under its own power was sometime
    around the year 1970.

    In 1990 the tractor was donated to the National Museum of Iceland and since
    then it has languished in a large storehouse owned by the museum, along with a
    lot of other old machinery.

    For a very long time I have had this idea at the back of my mind that I
    should do something about the state of this machine. And in the summer of 2014
    I approached the museum with a proposal to restore it. The museum is generally
    reluctant to part with their museum pieces into the hands of individuals, but
    in this case they were quite receptive. Possibly it was because the tractor and
    I had a shared past. And on Nov 3, 2014, it was moved from the museum
    storehouse to the place where I am now working on it.


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