Case 4210

  • Here's the tractor harvesting Pecans. A "shaker" shakes the trees so the nuts fall on the ground. (The "IH 484" tractor registry entry under my ID shows a shaker.) The "harvester" operates like a big lawn leaf sweeper. This is a small one designed to be towed behind an ATV. Leaves and light trash are blown out the back. An auger lifts the nuts and heavy trash up to the top of the chute that faces toward the front where they're usually collected in burlap bags hanging from the chute.

    Removing full bags and hanging new ones is a chore and then someone has to pick up the full bags. My father lengthened the harvester tongue and built the plywood box that rides on the tractor's 3pt hitch to catch the output from the harvester. One person can collect several hundred pounds at a time and then go dump them in the "cleaner" (which separates the good nuts from all the other trash).


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