• bought it new from some GREAT guys in Oregon and I use it to move horse poop and dig some holes for "stuff". GREAT tractor. 12 forward, 3 reverse, 2 spd PTO, built in drive unit to drive the pump for my back hoe. Not used for heavy or REAL farm work, but I've moved wood, pulled stumps, dug footings, scraped LOTS of dirt, leveled "stuff"...

    I paid $10K for a 28HP 3 cylinder diesel 4X4 tractor. 4 speed manual, 2 stage clutch, Two HIGH low ranges, PS, 2 PTO speeds, Differential lock, front loader, scraper, class 1 - 3PH back hoe with self contained hydraulic fluid reservoir, seat and controls, and I'm afraid I'd do it again. It is a well built, Heavy (2 1/2 ton) utility tractor. Sorry it's a foreign import (from the commies) but it was 1/3 the price of the japanese made John Deere (Yanmar) tractor INCLUDING all of the attachments. Next time, it's either one of these or the the Mahindra. DOH!!!!!!!!!

    Letting your nephew drive a tractor is better than...



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