Bobcat CT450 HST

  • Yes its true, 5 hours on the clock when I got it (It was less than a year old when I purchased). As of now it might have 20hours. Don\'t worry it will get many many more. As well it will get several attachments (Flail Mower, Bottom Plow, Disc Harrow, Rototiller, Landscape Rake, Grappler, Toothed Bucket) Those are my basic plans for attachments. I purchased this and other things for my eventual arrival at my acreage in Tennessee.

    Was planning to move there a couple years ago, but the world decided that I had to stay put just a little longer.

    I will say that the bit I have used this tractor, it has been an absolute joy. My wife an I were both farm raised, but left 40 years ago, and like many realized its time to return. Soon, very soon.


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