Ariens S-12

  • Bought my fist house and this tractor was in the yard. The blower was on the other side of the house and appeared to have been discarded. The tractor did not have an ignition key, and I could not get it to move, so was thinking it may be scrap just to be removed from the yard.A friend mentioned there as a wayto disconnect the hydrostatic drive so it could be rolled to a work area; just find the right button. I figured out how to do this, monkeyed with the eletrical a little to get a spark, jumped it directly to the starter and it turned over and ran. Checked all the fluids and changed the oil etc ... figured out how to attach the PTO driven snowblower and seem to work; am considering using this to clear my 250 foot long driveway. Seems to run OK, the electrical is a little gimpy, carb may need a new kit soon, but runs smooth open a little,have one flat tire to fix and the plan is to just go over the machine and see if I can get it into a servicable condition to rely on to plow the driveway this winter.... and hopefully years to come.


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