Antique David Bradley??

  • Is this a David Bradley 2-wheel tractor with 36" sickle mower attachment?

    Fuel Tank is faintly marked as David Bradley --- but I have not been able to find a DB 2-wheel tractor that looks like this --- suspect someone installed a replacement motor w/tank. Engine has a DB/Sears tag model 500.208064
    Serial No 2 3643
    It has a Briggs and Stratton model A circa 1933-48 engine -- 1.75 - 2.48 hp - weighs about 100 lb --- these engines were considered "industrial quality" back in the day.Also, has a very leaky Type K small Flo-Jet carb.

    Someone converted it to electric start --- I've actually got that part of the system working now.

    These things are known to be able to cut over 1/2" dia. Brush.

    ---still a work in process, but I did get it to fire up after removing flywheel and cleaning/adjusting points---doesn't smoke either!


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