• This is a machine I had been wanting to make for about 30 years.
    All the time I used to think about how to do it and make plans in my head.
    Then in the last few years I actually started gathering the required bits and then when recuperating from back surgery I had some time so pottered around and did it.
    One major drawback is that it's totall rigid (because I wanted it for steep uneven terrain) so any slight irregularity causes diagonal wheels to spin and you go nowhere. I had anticipated this and after it was built I phoned up to buy a self locking diff (detroit locker) only to find they don't make them for the early Nissan diffs !!!
    The Subaru centre diff is welded up but the front and back ones are slippery so now I have 4 separate taps with which I can isolate each wheel's brakes to prevent this wheelspin but it's a very cumbersome method. I plan to separate the rear diff and pivot it so the wheels will stay on the ground.
    If I made another one I would make sure I could get a locking diff first !


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