Allis the Workhorse

  • This is a 1934 Allis Chalmers E, that when trying to get information, some people have told me didn't exist. It's a rare tractor, so that's probably why!!! Trying to figure out if it's rare, or really rare is a little difficult. We know it's an E, but in part of 1934 they made what is called a Thresherman's special, that had 5 1/4 bore, which this tractor has. Some people say it is, some people say it's not, and trying to find info on it wither way seems impossible. ANY INFO YOU GUYS MIGHT HAVE WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!!! Either way, it's fun to have and right now we are trying to get it running again, because every year it gets the privilege of pulling and running a 1930 baker threshing machine. I added pics of the Allis and the Baker just for fun!! As soon as I find it, I have an older pic of the Allis pulling the Baker. It's fun to have older toys!!!


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