8162-B PTO Clutch problems

  • Here's some history: Added 90W gear oil to transmission casing. Cut grass once (cut great) then was parked for the winter. Next grass cutting PTO seemed to slow down through meduim heigh grass (has never done this before....hmmmm). Next grass cutting PTO slowing down even on the lowest of grass height. Even forward motion is sluggish. Found out the gear crank case oil should have been SAE 10w-30. Drained it and added all new "correct" oil. Suggested I stay out of high grass until 90W is out of wet clutch. Did just that but after 3 cutting attempts and a few hours of run time, PTO still dies on even the shortest of grass. Even tried to change the oil AGAIN but no change. Does this mean I burned up my PTO clutch or will my baby come back to life once all the 90w is forced out of the clutch? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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