'72 Massey Ferguson 135 Diesel Vineyard Model

  • I bought a home on a 5 acre lot about 16 years ago, but I\'ve never really gotten it under control. Only mow about 1.5 acres, can\'t access most of the rest right now. I used to mow paths around the whole lot, but that mower (\'66 Cub Cadet 123 hydro) got stuck in the mud about 10 years ago, and never moved again - winter came and went, and it wouldn\'t start the next year. So now this MF 135 will correct this problem. I plan to clear out all the thickets and make the land accessible again. We had a house fire and lost the farmhouse, so we\'re building a new house farther back on the lot, so we\'ll need to clear thicket in order to have a \"back yard\" that we can use.

    One little bonus, as I was clearing one of the fields, I found a rusted metal hulk. I had no idea what it was, but it looked like it would go on a tractor. Turns out it\'s a dirt scoop for a 3 point hitch. I\'ll put it to work again, probably for the first time in 30 years!


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